Web Applications

Our software also made on a web to accomplishing particular goals of business like storing data, submitting data, retrieving or searching data. The web application is cost-effective, you can access web applications anytime, anywhere.



Easy Intelligence Solution & Sage Intelligence Reporting

Adds value to Sage’s portfolio of products, making Sage business management software even more empowering.
Both modules serve as an integrated and secure information hub, making it even easier for users to understand their enterprise-wide data.

Business Intelligence & Data Scientist

TCS Solutions are data mining experts, we will go through your existing data to find what is relevant and create reporting and dashboard visualization which will give you a clear view of the business to better decision making and strategy.
These solutions include data scientist model to predict potential problems, monitor systems and analyze the continuous stream of data

System & Application Development

Software development with the latest technology, automate quality assurance, you get all types of software development solutions to help you build, sustain and modernize your business.
We specialize in creating advance, scalable and easy to use system and application that simplify your business process.

EXCEL Training

Our Excel Training courses empower you with the knowledge to use excel effectively and efficiently. This will assist in improving usage, time spent on reaching outcomes, ease in obtain the information you need for improved reporting across your entire business.